Working of LED Bulb/Light Aging Testing Machine

This LED Light Aging Machine has a twin Voltage checking out System, which means that with this machine we are able to check our junction rectifier(LED) items Like Bulb,T5 Tube light, Battens, Panel Light, Flood Light, Concealed Light and a lot more LED items. Two Variac or Dimmer is attached with this Machine. We will set two voltage like 80V and 320V. we use one counter and one timer machine in this machine. With the help of this LED Bulb Aging Testing Machine we will set the time and calculate the number of time in which Light Switch On and Switch Off occurs. It has a Timer also we can also check how many times we have done the switching.

Replacement study shows that replacement comes due to three reasons:

(1). High Voltage

(2). Low Voltage

(3). switching

with the assistance of this system, we are going to check our light items on each of the three parameters. We have done all types of testing at our factory. In this case, our will go down drastically and that will position our products and Brand in a very good position. Your Brand is going to be referred to as less marketplace substitution.

Why LED Light Aging Machine :

(1). LED light Ageing Machine is employed for review of junction rectifier(LED) aging through excessive voltage, regular voltage, low voltage, roaming, and variance voltage regions to see whether or not short-circuit(hamper), capacitance burst, and dark points will happen.

(2). It is also used for inspecting the simulation use, LED lamp cycling circuit, and roaming seasoning area.

(3). The power system of this machine uses a frequency conversion speed regulation system, which is of low noise and easy to operate.