How much investment is required to set up an LED plant

If you are interested in setting up an LED plant, you don't have to worry about large investments. You can start your own business with a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000. The rest depends on you how large a setup you want to make and how many machines & raw materials you purchase.

Which machines are necessary to set up a plant

To set up a plant few machines, tools, and materials are required. The below list provides details of all the machines, tools & materials required to set up a plant: Raw MaterialManual Punching MachineTikki Fitting MachineHeat Sink CompoundIronScrews

Minimum requirements to set up a new plant LED plant are easy to set up.

You can set up your plant at home or in a separate small workspace. The space required to set up a plant is less than 50 sq. feet. Rest depends on the machines and the quantity you want to manufacture.

I am from outside India, how can I import

For importing LED-ready products and raw materials outside India you have to follow the following Procedure:

Quotation                         : If you show interest in doing business with us, a quotation is prepared and approved. Transport

Inquiry                               : Once approved we have to find a way to deliver your goods and materials.

Bank Payment                 : You have to pay the respective amount according to your order.

Back Confirmation         : We have to wait for payment verification from our bank.

Production                        : Once payment is confirmed your order is processed.

Delivery                             : All products and materials were loaded for delivery

Will you provide goods on the letter of credit?

Yes, we'll provide goods on the letter of credit but first, we'll check your credentials for the letter of credit.

Will you give a guarantee that products

will provide a warranty for only big OEMs? We provide you with good quality material that is tested on our end on various parameters.

I want to take distributorship for the UDK brand.

If you are interested in a distributorship of our famous UDK brand you need to fulfill the following terms & conditions:

Your first order must be 20 Lac. Rupees.

The minimum sale per month is 10 Lac.

Rupees.Security Fee: 2.50 Lac.GST Certificate.2 Years' audit report of your company.1 year of experience in the lighting industry.

Contact: 9505186524/8886488268