This Machine assists you to suit MCPCB into the housing Body(lodging) at a quicker speed with more precision. Our Tikki Fitting Machine is extremely low cost in value and high in quality, as we put a very low margin to form a relationship with clients and encourage them to begin their own business with a smaller investment.

LED Bulb Tikki Fitting Machine Comes in three Variant:

(1). ECO LED Bulb Tikki Fitting Machine (Manual)

(2). Super LED Bulb Tikki Fitting Machine (Manual)

(3). Automatic LED Bulb Tikki Fitting MachineThe most effective method to Use is Tikki Fitting MachineTawang Tikki Fitting Machine will assist you to press the aluminum plate(heat sink) to the degree of your lodging (housing) diffuser.

LED Bulb Tikki Fitting Machine

used for lodgings (housing) like Philips type (180 degrees) and Syska type (270 degrees). Another Name of the Tikki Fitting Machine is LED Bulb Heat Sink Pressing Machine or Tikki Pressing Machine.LED Tikki Fitting Machine comes with 5 components

(1). Press Machine

(2). Small Size lodging (housing) 45 MM To 57 MM

(3). Big Size Bulb lodging (housing) holder 58 MM To 95 MM

(4). Pressure Die For Small Size Heat Sink Plate

(5). Pressure Die For Big Size Heat Sink Plate

(6). Fit and adjust the tiny size heat sink pressure die within the Nozzle of the power Press Machine and place the small size Bulb lodging (housing) holder before the Press Machine nozzle fitted with small size pressure die. Now, place the LED Bulb B22 part of the housing in the middle of the housing holder and place the heat sink on the upper part of the housing and press the nozzle downside. currently, you will see your housing is fitted with the heat sink plate.

Benefits of Tawang Tikki Fitting Machine/ LED Heat Sink Fitting Machine

(1). Long Life

(2). Export Quality

(3). Fast Production

(4). Elimination of Diffuser Shadows

(5). Better Quality Production

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