UDK offers the led bulb-making kit from a starting range to an advanced level. Book your order and start your own led bulb manufacturing business. We have prepared these kits for those persons who want to start their business with low investment and want to earn good profit in led business. We provide various types of LED Kits.

Mini LED Bulb Starter Package (Rs.4999)-This kit contains

1.Tikki Fitting Machine,

2. B22 cap punching machine,

3.1000-piece screw,

4. wire cutter.

5. solder wire,

6.57mm and 65 mm Fixture set,

7.50-gram Solder Flux,

8. heat sink compound.

LED Bulb Manufacturing Kit (Rs.7653)-This kit contains led machines,10w Iron, heat sink compound, and many more items.

Medium KIT Package Contains

(1). Super Tikki Fitting Machine

(2). B22 Cap Punching Machine

(3)2500 PCs Screws

(4). Wire Cutter

(5).25W Iron

(6). Solder Wire

(7).65 MM Fixture Set

(8).1 kg Heat Sink Compound